Google map listings is a service that has been growing drastically and helping people find other people who they want to do business with. Fortunately, this is a free service and helps your business to be found. Today, a huge population, both business people and consumers find a lot of freedom from their phone assisting them to find you. According to Google, 20% of all online searchers are for the service, product they are looking for or locality of a business. So in case your business is not listed, take some time and start today. This will share demos, offering coupons to customers, sharing videos, sharing your operational hours and much more.

Here are several steps to get your business listed today;

  • Create a Google account in case you don’t have one. It’s free, since its simply signing up for a an email account. Alternatively, use a familiar address that you use regularly. Go to places and click on ‘Add a New Business’ Follow the prods on the first page and click next.
  • This page you get into helps you share all the information you need about your business. You can share payment policies, time of operations, publicity of your business, videos, photos, brands and much more.
  • Then click Submit and a page to verify on how you prefer your listing validated with Google will appear. They can either mail you a post card that takes several weeks or provide a phone number for them to call and check. Then click finish.
  • When you receive a phone call, your account is live and verified. In case of a post card, follow instructions to verify account using the provided code number.
  • All the best, you’re done. Your listing now is on Google map.
  • To benefit fully, there are some guidelines for Google maps;

  • For the company, its advisable to use the business name you use in the offline operations. Manipulation of the search results by adding inessential keywords is or wrong description of your business is not to be attempted.
  • Use the phone number that connects to the location of your business and include the area code.
  • Your home page should contain your authoritative business website. Google using information from your homepage will improve search results.
  • To help Google show your business to the right searches, you will have to classify it. Time to time, Google will suggest category that match your type, but it’s advisable to create yours if you fail to see one that fits your business.

Take some time today to improve functions of your business.

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