Its hard to get quick & fast SEO wins at the start of a campaign but to get the best links here are some of the things you should do:

1. Reclaim link equity.

Always use a tool like majestic SEO and get a list of pages of the client site and have more incoming links or links that serve as 404 error message and later redirect 301 to the relevant working pages .

2.Guest Blogging

Its hard to get quick SEO wins . In order to get a quick SEO wins, this actually is not the best but it can direct you on what to do. Its through the act of guest blogging that you are able to be heavily syndicated and also look at websites of the publishing content whose contents are over other domains in order to cash in other domains.

3.Activate social and ask for feedback

If there is a new site ensure you ask of what they think then socialize those questions and later retweet them. In cases of re designation repeat the same procedures. If there is nothing new and you are beginning a new thing just ask other persons about what they do to socialize your site and getting y our site on them.

4.Track down duplication issues.

The best checks are always of the index and GWT, you do this by doing the usual site check, ensure you add slash at the end of the URL, remove and add www, have a look at the errors GWT and validate the codes and finally quick look on the site map and see how old it is.

5.Prioritize the keywords by opportunities.

If the site has been existing check for the best volume key words with ranks at hash 2-6 hence would enhance upon. This can help to produce the quickest clients and combine normal ranking data.

6.Fix Coding issues and navigation.

The coding issues always are the stumbling blocks that keep pages from being indexed in a proper way in the search of engines. Search engines continue to work better around worst codes and work arounds are never minimal. If you can create the best fix to bad codes you can get the greatest opportunity to get your pages indexed and your pages to have the best value. Most of the quick wins come in form of the best title and texts hierachy that fixes redirecting links.

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