Many people usually approach SEO and PPC differently. As much as these two strategies differ, they complement each other in more ways resulting to a more effective search strategy.


A combination of both SEO and PPC usually results to more exposure on the search engine result pages-SERPs. Even if a search term comes first in the engines, still you should not reduce PPC efforts because top 2 to 3 results on SERPs are PPC ads. Therefore, dominating both paid and free search results is a great way of increasing traffic and visibility as well.

Share Keyword Data

Running PPC and organic campaigns together will also give you more data to analyze. You can then optimize your overall strategy by using information on which PPC and organic keywords have the highest conversion rates.

Use Best Performing PPC Ad Copy to Inform Your Organic Content Strategy

In most cases what works for SEO works for PPC. By knowing which PPC ads results have the highest conversions, you can create better meta descriptions, content and even title tags for your pages to improve your ranking. Besides, unlike organic testing, PPC testing brings quick results on what works and what doesn’t.

Integrate E-Commerce Feeds Into AdWords Results

Thanks to Google’s e-commerce friendly engines, you can also link PPC ads to specific product pages. A web user will therefore be taken directly to the page where the ad is displayed where he can buy the product. He will also get to see reviews.

Inform PPC Keywords Through Site Search Data

The main objective of PPC is usually to find out which keywords have directed users to your products or services. You will therefore known your customer’s search habits and needs by enabling site search feature on your site and also by analyzing the search terms often used.

Social media visibility is one of the SEO PPC benefits. With the emergence of sites like YouTube, LinkedIn and even Facebook, you can use ads to target specif group of people. The data you get from these sites will also give you more information about your target audience which you can use to improve your overall SEO strategy.

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