Google is arguably the most popular, most used and preferred search engine across the world that helps you access other sites on the web with the use of keywords. What makes Google stand out are the tools it employs to perform this search, and one such tool is the Google webmaster tool. So what exactly is a Google webmaster tool and how useful is it to you? Let’s find out below.

Google webmaster tool(s) in a nutshell

Google webmaster tools, commonly abbreviated as GWT, are mechanisms that aid webmasters to check for the indexing status of their websites, thus laying the foundation for visibility optimization. In other words, Google webmaster tools are channels that webmasters use to communicate with Google with a view of identifying potential problems with their websites hence helping optimize them.

Why Google webmaster tools

Many would ask, why do I need a Google webmaster tool? Google webmaster tools offer invaluable services not only to webmasters but to all web users. More specifically, a Google webmaster tool will help you do the following;

  • A Google webmaster tool shows you how your website has been indexed and helps you check for any issues in it as raised by Google.
  • With a webmaster tool, you will be able to submit and check from time to time the sitemap of your website.
  • A webmaster tool helps you identify the keywords that people accessed your website through on Google, and this is particularly important for visibility optimization.
  • With a Google webmaster tool, one is able to access a listing of both internal and external pages that link his or her website.
  • Another invaluable importance of Google webmaster tools is that it helps you to set a domain name of your choice, and this domain name will determine how your website will be displayed in the results pages of various search engines.
  • In case of any penalties from Google, one is able to check for notifications using a Google webmaster tool.
  • With a Google webmaster tool, one can comfortably check and or generate a robt.txt file. This file is particularly important in checking for any blocked web pages and taking corrective measures afterwards.

Who should use Google webmaster tools?

Contrary to the name, Google webmaster tools are not entirely a preserve of webmasters. A host of other users can utilize this tool. These include marketers, search engine optimization experts, website administrators, web developers and even business owners themselves.

A Google webmaster tool is an indispensable tool, especially with regard to optimization. With everyone striving for visibility, google webmaster tools will a valuable addition towards this end.

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